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If your business is in a growth phase, and you are ready to increase its visibility and sales, Ima and Loreto are the "easy button" for your branding needs. Their collaborative style of communication makes them the right choice for businesses that need to update or revamp their corporate identity and marketing collateral for the next stage of business. Ima and Loreto have years of experience in photography and brand image design. Their modern style, coupled with their sense of fun and humor, make them the clear choice for developing the face of your business.

About Lola Design

Your brand image matters to Loreto - because it's the public face of your business. When potential clients are looking for your service or product, what do they see? Do they see an established, successful business? A service provider that exudes confidence and professionalism? If that's not what they see, they will keep looking. And find your competition. Loreto's goal is to create a professional identity that makes a great impression. Her goal is to design a brand image that reflects your business accurately so you can market it with confidence. Does your brand image reflect your expertise, your experience and your worth? If you suspect the answer is “no,” Loreto is ready to assist you.

To learn more about Loreto, visit her portfolio

Please contact Loreto Cheyne at 613 371 3281 or email her at

Picture Plus - photography, printing and framing

We help our clients portrait their image and personality. 

Call us at 613 241 9470 - We are the corner of 179 George Street and Cumberland - Unit 101

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